Shipping & Returns


We currently only ship within the United States. We do not ship over seas. Most orders will ship within 48 hours. If we are running a promotion and are experiencing a large flow of orders, this shipping time may be delayed. If that is the case, we will send you an email to inform you. All orders will be shipped USPS. Tracking numbers will be emailed to you when available.


Due to the nature of most items we sell, refunds are not offered on everything. There are of course special scenarios where a refund could be necessary. If you believe you have a situation where you would like a refund, please fill out our contact form.


All hardware that we offer is under warranty for problems due to manufacturing defects.


Most of the bottles we use for E-Juice are plastic and should be recycled after use. If you send back your empty E-Juice bottles, we will give you $1 off your next order for each bottle returned.