About Us

Chasing a Dream

Personally touched by family members and friends struggling to quit smoking, in 2013 Bill Connolly committed to producing a safer alternative to smoking and set out to produce a top shelf e-juice of the highest purity and precision. In 2014, Ryan Wunderlich and Bill Connolly joined forces to make this healthy alternative a healthy reality for everyone. With their combined skills, Castle Rock Vapor was born and is now providing one of the purist products in the market today.

Focused on Quality

From beginner vapers to e-juice enthusiasts, taste and consistency are critical factors to our passion. Castle Rock Vapor manufacturers nothing but the best tasting and chemically pure products on the market. Not to mention the huge variety of tastes and sensations. Every bottle of e-juice manufactured is made to order in the USA and is made from the very best ingredients.


Seeing an opportunity in the rapidly growing e-juice market, these two partners left lucrative careers and went all in to provide the public with the purest and safest alternative to tobacco that they could manufacture. After several growing pains, hard work and dedication, the gamble finally paid off. Castle Rock Vapor has become a leader in this constantly evolving market, focused on the highest purity, 100% American-made, and offering a service to an exponentially growing international family of retail and e-commerce partners.

Driven by Results

Not only has Castle Rock Vapor helped hundreds of people quit smoking, even the Castle Rock Vapor family has discovered the benefits of vaping and switched to this healthier alternative. Even lifetime smokers feel the benefits of vaping immediately after switching to this safer alternative. Their cartons of cigarettes per week quickly fell to nothing, and that is the kind of results Castle Rock Vapor is proud of and will continue to strive for.